Friday, August 9, 2013

Workout Recap - Sparty on August 2nd

I did (last) Friday's sparty workout at the little gym at my apartment complex. I was really hoping that it wouldn't be crowded, and thankfully there were barely any people in there. Some days it seems like everyone has decided to use it, and it's difficult to maneuver around people. There isn't a lot of free floor space, and I always feel like I'm in the way!

Here are the number of reps I managed:
IBC: 16, 16
Ab extenders: 17, 17
Squat Jumps: 24, 22
Bicep curls: 27, 24
Lunge w/ Twist: 8, 8 (per leg)
V-Ups: 27, 28
Side lunge w/ touch: 11, 12 (per leg)
Back Fly: 20, 20
Burpees: 10, 11

I ended up needing to do only 6 crunches (I did 10 anyway) to complete day 12 challenge requirements. I already did all of the burpees and squats I needed to do, also.

Oh, and I made another mistake with the heart rate monitor! Joey had used it last, and I completely forgot to change the user info...
Workout Duration: 0:44:46
Average Heart Rate: 154
Max Heart Rate: 179
Time in zone: 0:32:01
Calories Burned: 706
All of the numbers except the last one are still correct, but obviously I didn't burn over 700 calories in under 45 minutes. Darn!