Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Workout Recap - Running on Tuesday, August 13th

I REALLY didn't want to run this yesterday morning, but I forced myself to anyway. I had an early start to my day because of an experiment in lab, so I was planning on going into lab at 6:30, getting things started, and then going on a run. The rest of my experiment started at 11, so I had plenty of time. I started at lab, and ended my run at home, so I could shower and change before heading back in. When I woke up this yesterday morning I was just so tired - I hadn't slept well, and I just really didn't want to run. I hadn't allowed enough time to change my plan though, so I had to go straight in without any of my breakfast/lunch supplies, or my work stuff. It was easier to throw on workout clothes than anything else, and I just grabbed my phone, ID, headphones, armband, heart rate monitor, protein bar, and GU chomps and was out the door. It felt like soup outside - so wet and humid. By the time I got into lab I felt a bit better. I had my protein bar, and then decided to go ahead and do this run. The original run I had planned yesterday, when I was feeling much more ambitious, didn't feel right (it was 4 miles), so I replanned and made a 2.5 mile run that ended at home. The run itself felt pretty good, and I think it was a smart choice. I ran on Saturday and I'll run again on Thursday, so I don't want to push myself too hard. Plus I'm just getting back into running outside. I'll try for a 3 mile run on Thursday, then hopefully a 3.5 or 4 mile run on Saturday. Unless I can find a nice route, I might do Thursday's run inside on a treadmill.

Anyway, here's what I did! I had to stop twice because of lights, but besides that it was smooth sailing. I have my splits below, as well as the heart rate monitor data. It's going to be a sad day once I have to give it back to my co-worker! I'll have to get one of my own :)

1/4 mile: 2:14, 8:56 pace
1/2 mile: 4:50, 9:40 pace
3/4 mile: 7:17, 9:43 pace
1 mile: 9:39
1 1/4 mile: 12:04, 9:39 pace
1 1/2 mile: 14:31, 9:41 pace
1 3/4 mile: 16:57, 9:41 pace
2 mile: 19:24, 9:42 pace
2 1/4 mile: 21:45, 9:40 pace
2.56 miles: 24:29, 9:34 pace

Note - I wasn't actually going that fast in the first quarter mile. I think it lost me for a second, or something like that, that screwed up the coordinates. I actually went almost the same exact pace the entire time, speeding up only at the very end.

Heart Rate Monitor:
Duration: 0:30:00
Calories Burned: 343
Average Heart Rate: 167
Max Heart Rate: 185
Time In Zone: 0:09:43