Friday, August 9, 2013

Workout Recap - KB on Monday, August 5th

I've decided to switch off every week - one week I'll do KB 300, the next I'll do 3 Burpee laps + Century-style workout. Then I'll also have a warm-up and cool-down set as well.

I made sure to change the user settings for the heart rate monitor! Joey got his own, so we won't have that problem anymore.

I did a KB workout that was very similar to the one I did on July 20th, the horrible one at Mem Gym. This time I was at the AFC, so I knew it would be a lot better.

I kept the heart rate monitor going the whole time, but out of curiosity, I wrote down what it was for each section.

Power Sets: 
Duration: 0:19:30
Calories Burned: 175

KB 300:
Duration: 0:17:50
Calories Burned: 204

Final Set: (I did this twice through)
Duration: 0:17:10
Calories Burned: 181

Total Workout:
Duration: 1:14:12
Calories Burned: 704
Average Heart Rate: 150
Maximum Heart Rate: 179
Time in Zone: 0:44:08

For Day 13 of challenge, I did the following:
8x2 dips (I counted the triple crush as a dip)
17x2 pushups (I needed to do 9 additional)
1minute plank x2
12x2 mountain climbers (already done)
50 sec wall sit
45 crunches (already done)
75 squats (I needed to do 15 additional)

I didn't do burpees - I already had done so many pushups and half burpees that I considered myself done!